When it happened:

Saturday, November 12, 2011

How it happened:

       Our first date was an adventure race at Hueston Woods State Park and we love the outdoors, so it just seemed right to propose at another adventure race – the Race of Hope at Lake Hope State Park.  Adventure races typically consist of a combination of running, biking, and water sports, climbing, and sometimes special events.  At this race, I decided to make up a special event of my own.  I went down to Lake Hope 2 days before the race, scouted for the perfect spot to propose (a huge boulder on top of a hill by the lake), and marked it with a large "X" made out of logs.  Then I invented my own “GeoCash” special event in which I pretended that the race directors had buried a large amount of cash in the woods and printed off a clue sheet at home.  I also built a special heart shaped ring box for the perfect delivery. 

      When we got to the race Saturday morning, I quickly slipped my fake clue sheet into the race packet, handed it to Trish, and we started planning our strategy.  Trish wanted to go North, which would have been the best route, but I had to convince her to stay south (around the lake) and go for the ring!  It was a 12 hour race and I didn't want to propose in the dark......Fortunately, she listened to my intentionally bad advice and we stayed south.  We got to the spot after about 2 hours - it was on top of a huge boulder that overlooked the lake.  I raced ahead of her so I could plant the ring box beneath the "X" before she got there. 

      I shouted "Here's the X!" to Trish and set up my camera in the leaves to record the magical moment (click here to see the video).  I pretended to look elsewhere for the prize while she immediately found the ring box under the X and figured out how to open it.  Then I took a knee, popped the question, and she said yes!  Finally, to commemorate the event, we found a loop in the rock, put a lock on it, and threw the keys in the lake.  If you're ever hiking there, see if you can find it!

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