How we met

We both signed up on and joined the A.P. Adventurers group which was having a ropes course activity (see the pictures!) on 4/24/10.  Trish was really going out on a limb here, since she didn't know anyone there and has a pretty serious fear of heights.  I saw this as a good opportunity to introduce myself and show her the ropes.  She was quickly wooed by my fashionable toe shoes and Tarzan-esque moves.  We both had a great time and bonded as I helped her take a leap of faith off the platform on a 50' high zip line.   

Our first date was a camping trip/adventure race one week later at Hueston Woods State Park.  If this sounds odd to you, then you're not alone.  Trish's family and friends were afraid she was going to end up on Unsolved Mysteries, so they gave her pepper spray and sent a steady stream of text messages.  Fortunately for both of us, I decided to keep her around.  We shared our first kiss under the moonlight and woke up early the next day to win the race!  Since then, we have continued to race, camp, explore, and enjoy the outdoors together.  We also share a passion for teaching which has brought us even closer together.  We've gotten to know each other pretty well, but every day I learn something else that makes me love her even more.

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